Orbital Box Floor Sander

Orbital Box Floor Sander

We offer several choices of sanding screens and sheets. We also offer buffing pads.

Please give us a call to reserve. Contact us for info on our Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates.

The random-orbital sanding action of this sander removes the scratch patterns left by drum or rotary sanders, leaving a smooth, flat floor ready for refinishing. At 3,600 orbits per minute, it sands faster than any other orbital sander available. With torque-less operation for enhanced operator comfort, it is perfect for interim “screen and recoat” and fine finish sanding jobs.

Excellent Dust Containment Sander !!

The totally enclosed, fan cooled motor, eliminates overheating and the need for motor cleaning.
Heavy duty cast aluminum main frame and pad driver plate for added strength.
Independent dust pickup fan for effective dust containment.
Bristle dust skirt to aid in dust containment.

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