MQ Jumping Jack

Multiquip’s Mikasa MTX70HD Jumping Jack


Honda GX100 Engine, 3,350 lb impact force, 11.2 in shoe
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Multiquip’s Mikasa MTX70HD Jumping Jack
This middle-weight compactor is ideal for confined area compaction and is exceptionally well balanced. Now with a redesigned fuel-tank that meets new EPA standards and features an integrated tachometer/hour meter.

MTX-Series rammers are renowned for performance and ease of operation.
The MTX-Series includes the features most preferred by contractors such as:

  • Cyclonic air cleaners that capture 98% of airborne dust particles
  • Long-lasting laminated wood and steel shoe
  • Low vibration handles for operator comfort
  • Combination hour meter/tachometer
  • Durable guards to protect the engine from damage
  • Redesigned fuel tank to meet EPA standards for evaporative emmissions
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