Clarke Drum EZ-8 Floor Sander

We offer several choices of sanding screens and sheets.

Please give us a call to reserve. Contact us for info on our Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates.

The Clarke Drum Ez-8 floor sander boasts a powerful 1 1/2HP dual capacitor motor that will more than finish the job. This high powered tool is a great adaption for not only sanding hardwood floors, but doing so with a great deal of features. Featuring an enclosed dust free motor which will make users happy with no motor cleaning which will help eliminate costly repairs to the most important part of the sander.

The body consists of an aluminum cast iron made of rugged construction which is perfect for those looking for a tool for many years to come. Giving you the peace of mind with a rugged construction, you can also rest assured you’re getting portability and productivity in one. The Clarke Ez-8 drum sander can easily be disassembled in minutes allowing you to move, carry, transport, or store away making it not only convenient, but portable.

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